Monday, August 11, 2008

"Mainstream" Media Now Determines Who Will Be President

Details are coming out now that our beloved unbiased bastions of "journalism" intentionally ignored the Edwards affair BEFORE the National Enquirer broke the story. In doing this, they gave Obama the nomination on a silver platter. If they had been honest and reported the truth as they knew it (or should have known it) at the time, Edwards' influence and endorcement of Obama would have been neutralized, and Hillary would have gotten the nod. The excuse that they ignored the story for lack of hard facts is a baldfaced lie (something liberals believe they can always get away with), since the New York Times ran the story on McCain's alleged "affair" with absolutely no evidence whatsoever, only inuendo from "unnamed sources". Ever since Walter Cronkite told us "That's the way it is!", the propagandist media has been in the tank for Socialism.

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