Monday, August 25, 2008

Letter I Sent Today To My Obama-Loving Daughter

My dear misguided daughter,
I can't believe how far over the edge you have fallen. Obama is an ardent Socialist. He has been taught and mentored by some of the most radical leftists in the country. Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinski, William Ayers... A rogue’s gallery of despots and promoters of a long-failed philosophy. The only way he can win is if he can continue to disguise his true political agenda. In his last "debate" with McCain, he was asked what his greatest moral failing was. He answered that America's greatest moral failing was to fail to follow the gospel according to Mark: "He who does this to the least of my brethren (i.e., give water, help the poor, etc.), does this to me." Unfortunately for O-Man, the news has come out that he has a brother living in Africa in a roofless shack on $12 a year. Where the hell is O-Man's personal commitment to helping the poor? Even in his own family??!!! Like all good little Marxist-Socialists, he is great at giving other people's money away, but not his own. Although he and Michelle earned over $4 million last year, they gave only 1% of their income to charity. On the flip side, the populations of 24 of the top 25 states who give the most to charity are Red States (they vote Republican). Conservatives want to give freely and directly to the needy, not be forced to surrender their earnings to the state to line corrupt politicians' pockets before some of it trickles down to the poor. Liberals have been abject failures at fighting crime & poverty. Ten of the top twelve poorest cities have been run by liberal Democrats for generations (the other two by Independents). The two poorest, Detroit and Newark, haven't seen a Republican mayor in nearly 100 years. It took a Republican, Rudy Giuliani, to finally break NYC's death spiral from Democrat leadership. Now you want to have the whole country suffer the same fate, where the Socialists separate us all into a multi-cultural morass of victims and special interests, all beholden to the all-powerful state, which doles out entitlements to the ignorant Proletariat in return for their continued slavery to a government that keeps them in eternal poverty.

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  1. I really don't understand the attraction to Obama. I think they just like his looks and the fact that he's a minority. When he's asked a question and the answer isn't on his teleprompter, it takes him 15 minutes to form a sentence. He's the poster boy for the party that wants to punish the hardworkers and give to the non-workers. Democrats really believe that government can do everything better than private enterprise. (Have they ever had to deal with the IRS, the permit office, the unemployment office, or the motor vehicle department??) Another big issue, especially for young women, is abortion, and the democrats tell everyone that if a republican is elected, women will be put in jail for having an abortion, which is just fearmongering. Find out what your daughter's main issue is, and maybe you can work from there. Sometimes it's just peer pressure because it's cooler to be for the hip young black guy than for the old white-haired dude. Maybe it's rebellion from a strong-opinioned dad(!) Whatever it is, I feel your pain. Good luck.