Monday, August 18, 2008

The Incredible Vanishing History of B. Hussein Obama

Trying to find documents on the background of Mr. "Invisible Man" Obama is like trying to grab smoke. It's absolutely astounding how the existence of this phantom's past through documented evidence mysteriously disappears or is not available to the public. An original birth certificate cannot be produced, only a suspicious-looking copy. This is critical evidence of eligibility to run for POTUS. And yet, it is not available. Is he really a natural-born US citizen? Obama's SAT scores cannot be located. Was he the ultimate beneficiary of Affirmative Action as his wife Michelle was? His senior thesis at Columbia University has been lost. Both copies are lost, Columbia's AND Obama's personal copy. He supposedly wrote about Soviet nuclear proliferation. Was he pro-Soviet? Was his thesis a piece of trash unworthy of a decent grade? Did he actually write a thesis, or did he get an Affirmative Action pass from Columbia? No one but Mr. O knows. Now in the latest vanishing act, access to public records of the "Annenberg Challenge on Excellence in Education" has been denied by Richard J. Daley Library officials at the behest of terrorist William Ayers. Mr. Ayers founded the organization. Mr. Obama ran it. What is their true connection and relationship? What was Ayers trying to do through this organization? Was Obama his puppet or his co-conspirator? We may never know.


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