Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Boone-Doggle - The Pickens-Pelosi Conspiracy

Ex-oilman and billionaire T. Boone Pickens is orchestrating the greatest scam ever perpetrated on the American people. Just like an old-west snake oil salesman, he is foisting a phony promise to provide a panacea to cure all of our ills. His primary backer in Congress is Nancy Pelosi, who just happens to have upwards of $250,000 invested in T. Boone's new company. Gee, no conflict of interest there! If a Republican Speaker of the House tried this ploy, the duplicity would be page one/opening story news in the "mainstream" media for weeks! As it turns out, Mr. T has gained personal rights of "eminent domain" bestowed on him by the Texas legislature, giving him the power to grab as much privately-owned land as he can get his hands on, booting out everyone he chooses. He just needs those big US government subsidies to get it done. And Pelosi's the woman for the job. It is just amazing how the Leftists in this country vilify oil men and billionaires, but so readily accept and trust one who claims to have their interests at heart. How naive, but predictable.

However, the punchline is that the joke's on us! He is playing everyone for suckers... Although a vast Texas windfarm could someday eventually provide modest help for our energy needs, Mr. T's motives are far from altruistic. His true intention is to own the Texas land along with its water rights. He already owns vast parcels of land with water rights over the Ogallala aquifer in Texas, and intends to acquire enough to corner the Texas water market. This will make him the world's richest and most powerful individual. We get screwed. Nancy gets paid off.


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