Tuesday, July 1, 2008

WWOD - What Would Obama Do? I have a better question for the fanatical followers of the would-be messiah...
WHOD - What Has Obama Done?
The Democrats have successfully nominated the most unqualified candidate for US president in history! He has absolutely no experience in business or industry (even as a filing clerk), he has no military service experience (even as a buck private), and his service as a US Senator is paper-thin. We know nothing about him, except through his autobiography and his questionable friends and alliances. He has remained elusive about his ideas for "Hope" and "Change", but what we DO know about him is extremely scary. He has studied under the most extreme Socialists this country has known (i.e., Frank Marshall Davis http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=63212 ), has worked for a subversive Socialist organization (i.e., ACORN), and is strongly supported by a radical Socialist billionaire (George Soros). His very close friend and pastor of twenty years, Jeramiah Wright, is a hate-mongering, America-bashing bigot. The list of slezy friends is endless. If he were applying for a regular job like you or me, his resume might look something like this:
Education: BA, Political Science, Columbia
Sr. thesis: Nuclear disarmament
JD, Harvard
Job Experience: 1983 - 1992: Street Organizer for Socialist Causes, working for ACORN - Well- known organization for convictions of voter fraud across the country.
1993 - 2002: Associate lawyer
1996 - 2004: Illinois State Senator - used questionable legal tactics to eliminate potential opponents. Hailed as a liberal hero.
2004 - Present: US Senator - The single most liberal voting record in the Senate(when I vote - mostly, I just vote "Present").
Convicted of any felonies? No, I used cocaine but never sold any (anyone who says different is a liar).
The final tile in this icon's mosiac is his complete lack of accomplishment. No one, and I mean NO ONE of his rabid supporters can name a single notable thing in the background or experience of this vaporous Messiah that qualifies him to be President of the United States! I have listened to his supporters in the Senate and on the street on TV and radio. When asked to name a single reason why Obama should be the President, there is dead air...total silience! Please, if you can come up with a single cogent reason, write a comment to this post. I must know! Give me a reason to Hope! "He's not McCain" is not a cogent reason, you fucking imbeciles!

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