Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Obama Led the Democrat Surrender Charge - And Was Dead Wrong!

Guess what, O-baby? You were wrong, wrong, wrong! You and the other give-up-and-run Demos will never learn the lesson. When you are in a war, you fight it to WIN, not run in shame. First of all, most self-respecting voters in the US don't like to be humiliated. It's only you submissive, whiny, guilt-ridden, mascoshistic libs who enjoy self-punishment. Second, you apparently don't understand the concept of fighting harder when things start turning against you. Instead, the uncontrollable urge to roll over on your belly and surrender takes over. War going badly, get out. Economy turning sour, let's take more money from people who save and spend wisely and give it to the irresponsible credit risks. Oil prices destroying the country, nothing we can do - give up. We certainly can't drill our way out of it. It will take ten years for the price of gas to drop three cents per gallon, according to Dem. Sen. Chucky Schumer. Gee, I wonder why the cost of crude oil dropped by the largest one-day amount in history today, the same day Pres. Bush announced that he is lifting the executive no-drilling order? Could it be that the price of oil is tied to the futures market, which reacts immediately to good or bad news about the future? Obama, you are a fucking idiot, and so are all your friends in Congress.

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