Monday, July 7, 2008

Global Warming Found to Cause Erectile Dysfunction in Democrats

The debate is over! Scientific facts have finally been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt! You deniers will go to hell for your blasphemy to the god of global warming, Algore! All across the country, Democrats' nuts are falling off and their wangs are as flacid as wet slugs. This is obviously due to manmade climate change! What else could it possibly be? A crackpot alternate explanation is that they are scared out of their minds that knowledgeable climatologists are finally finding their nuts and speaking out against this giant con game... Threats to forcably silence dissenting information are starting to fail. Democrats are horrified at the thought that they may be ultimated found out to be liars, or worse, fucking idiots! Read another in an increasingly loud chorus of climate experts who are bravely standing up to the weather bullies and presenting actual facts and data, rather than a witless unscientific "consensus":

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