Equal Time for Socialism

I'm going to do something completely different (which I love to do), and publish a comment from Stephen, a self-described member of the International Socialist Organization (ISO).  He makes a cogent argument, some of which I even agree with.  Capitalism is not a perfect economic system. 

Hi. I'm a member of the ISO and found your blog. I'd like to make a few comments. ISO's position regarding scarcity/abundance: We believe that there is an abundance of wealth, more than enough than what is necessary to provide everyone on the planet with a decent standard of living, and the potential exists to further expand our productive capacity and output and to increase the efficiency of distribution in order to provide an even higher standard of living with more free time for all. However, capitalism's tendency towards crisis (as we see today) and reliance on exploitation creates a situation of instability and poverty for the majority of people on the planet, while a handful have more wealth than they could ever hope to consume in 1000 lifetimes. One of the bases for the possibility of socialism is abundance. Capitalism has made it possible for the first time in history to meet humanity's needs for food, clothing, and shelter. The problem is that under capitalism all decisions about what to produce and how to produce are subordinated to a simple consideration: how to maximize profits. So long as the economy is organized around this principle, the exploitation of workers, environmental devastation and international economic competition that spills over into military conflict will persist. Capitalism creates artificial scarcity for basic human necessities while pretending that such shortages are natural. The social relations of production under capitalism are a fetter on the productive forces. The capitalists own all the businesses and won't sell or make anything unless they can make a profit off of it. Meanwhile millions go homeless, hungry, and without health care. Despite there being great abundance. What drives our advocacy of a woman's right to choose, is not the supposed overpopulation of the planet, but a woman's right to do with her body whatever she chooses. Regarding the nature of government/the state: Marxists regard the state as the instrument of class rule. It is from class conflict that states/governments arise. Capitalism is a class society. There is a ruling class (capitalists) who have complete domination/a monopoly of economic and political power. And an exploited oppressed class, the working class, who does not own the means of production and have no political power. Whoever own the means of production (capitalists) therefore also commands political and economic power. And both political parties in this system serve the capitalists. Representatives from both parties are all millionaires take lobbyist bribes from big business. The government is the organized violence of a minority (the capitalists) over the majority (the working class). Its the guardian of inequality and protects the capitalists and their system. The police and the military are the bodyguards of the ruling class. The government exists to serve the capitalists. The real question isn't the size of government, its whose side the government is on. And by its actions and the actions of Democrats and Republicans both, we can see its on the side of capitalists. Trillions of dollars in bailouts to Wall St. bankers. Billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies to businesses. Tax breaks for the rich. The invasions of other countries for the benefit of energy companies and military contractors.

As Stephen states, "Capitalism has made it possible for the first time in history to meet humanity's needs for food, clothing, and shelter."  This is no small accomplishment.  The problem is that he and his fellow socialists want to destroy this imperfect system and replace it with a system that has NEVER worked any time in human history.  And they want to do this on a global basis.  Can you imagine a Stalin, Mao, Chavez, Pol Pot, or Jung Il as ruler of the entire planet?  The opportunities for corruption and despotism are limitless in a world naively envisioned by people like Stephen.  This is why the Stephens of the world are so dangerous.  They yearn for the perfect world with fair outcomes for everyone.  The outcome in reality is always the exact opposite of their intent.  Socialism inevitably results in two separate classes:  The wealthy all-powerful ruling class and the impoverished proletariat. 

It was the "evil" capitalists who were producing our abundance of fruits and vegetables in the San Jacquin valley.  It was our "benevolent" government that shut off their warter supply and destroyed 12% of our nation's food supply, as well as thousands of livelihoods.  Who do you think has the ultimate power in this country? 

Socialism is the killer of personal freedom, creativity, incentive, and personal wealth.  It results in the death of the human soul.  And for that reason it must be fought with our last free breath.